We've always been committed to reducing emissions from our products and manufacturing. We believe you should know how the products you buy could impact your carbon footprint.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Honda Civic
from 171 g/km CO2
Honda Civic
Sedan from
165 g/km CO2
Honda Civic
Type R
224 g/km CO2
Honda Accord
Sedan from
170 g/km CO2

Honda Insight Hybrid
115 g/km CO2
Honda Accord Hybrid
117 g/km CO2
Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid
36 g/km CO2

Honda HR-V from
181 g/km CO2
Honda CR-V from
180 g/km CO2
Honda Passport
265 g/km CO2
Honda Pilot from
257 g/km CO2

Honda Odyssey
248 g/km CO2
Honda Ridgeline
269 g/km CO2

Murray Honda is a Gold Green Dealer.

Moving the needle.

Our commitment to the environment extends well beyond our fuel-efficient vehicles. The Green Dealer Program helps Honda dealers reduce the environmental impact of their operations and lower their energy costs. With the Green Dealer Recognition Award, Honda Canada puts the spotlight on dealers who go the extra mile.

Why it matters

Buildings account for around 45% of Canadian energy consumption and CO2 emissions, more than any other source.

When it comes to increasing energy efficiency, existing guidelines don’t consider auto dealerships’ showrooms, service centres, car washes and body shops – all of which consume significant amounts of energy.

That’s why Honda developed an energy reduction program specifically for dealerships. We’re helping our dealers chart a course towards achieving zero net energy use, while also lowering their operating costs.

Murray Honda underwent a large renovation in 2020 in efforts to update our dealership and to reduce our environmental footprint. We continue to look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint in each avenue of our business.

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