Downloading the HondaLink® app and enrolling will provide you with a wealth of free and subscription services to help make life easier and give you the freedom to control many things right from your smartphone. Free benefits include service and maintenance scheduling, a Bluetooth® phone-pairing guide for your vehicle, fuel and driving-range details, a parking reminder feature and more. HondaLink® offers 3 subscription packages to choose from. Full HondaLink® features apply to Touring model only. For more detailed information for all models, click here.











Automatic Collision Notification
In the event of a serious accident, a
response agent automatically checks in, and helps send emergency assistance even if no one in the vehicle responds.
Remote Start¹
Enjoy getting into a comfortable car with automatically adjusted climate control.
Personal Concierge
Enjoy VIP treatment from a
knowledgeable specialist who's in tune with what you need for planning a last minute trip, booking a hotel or restaurant reservations, or finding special events near you.
Emergency Call
At the push of a button, our trained
agents are ready to deliver priority care emergency services while staying
connected with you until help arrives.
Remote Lock & Unlock
Whether You're locked out or forgot to lock up, count on quick keyless entry and remote assurance from almost anywhere.
Complimentary Service Trials
Enhanced Roadside Assistance
Get live, responsive help with towing and repair services at the touch of a button.
Geofence Alert
Get notified when your car enters or
leaves a designated region.
  1. Download the HondaLink App
  2. Create an account or Sign-In
  3. Enroll in HondaLink Subscription Services
Personal Data Wipe
Easily and remotely reset your navigation system back to its factory state.
Security Alarm Alert
Receive real-time alerts to your smart phone when your vehicle's factory installed alarm is triggered.
*HondaLink Remote service does not include Security service



Remote Dashboard
The easy to understand diagnostic
dashboard ensures your Honda is in good shape before you drive.
Find My Car
Easily pinpoint your car's exact location.
**HondaLink Concierge service includes Remote service. HondaLink Services are dependent on an operative connected vehicle device, compatible cellular network availability, navigation map data, and GPS satellite reception, which may limit or restrict service. 
Click here for more information.
Speed Alert
Specify a speed limit and be notified when it is exceeded.
Features within packages are subject to change at anytime.
 Stolen Vehicle Locator
Provides assistance in locating your stolen vehicle.
¹Remote start not available on Honda Pilot
 Destination by Voice
Set a destination with your voice and get directions downloaded to your vehicle.
Terms of Use of the HondaLink Subscriber Agreement apply. See Terms of Use for complete service limitations at


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