Project Warmth


Did you know that hundreds of local Chilliwack children are without adequate coats and boots each winter season?

Sponsor a child's warmth for only $45.

Murray Honda is always looking at ways to make a difference in our Community.
And the Project Warmth Program is no exception.

In the bitterly cold winter of 2012/2013 we launched our first community program after reaching out to the Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society. The purpose was to find out how many local children were arriving to school in non-adequate winter coats. 1,000 students with a staggering funding goal of over $40k to ensure that no child was left behind.

Our first call was to Shelley Howe, the General Manager at Staples Business Depot in Chilliwack who shared our same goals. She ensured her entire team was on board with helping us reach our target, and Staples Chilliwack quickly became our official cosponsor of the "We Got Your Back" Backpack Program.

After discovering roughly 400 kids were in need of proper winter attire, we connected with likeminded businesses throughout Chilliwack to fully fund our first year program. Thankfully we were able to make sure no child was left cold in the winter with the support of our generous community.


To date these programs alternate each year between Coats for Kids and Boots for Kids supporting upwards of 1000 kids from Chilliwack to Boston Bar. We have proudly through the generosity of business owners, we have been able to have the honor of working with active members of our community to keep these programs running.

Since 2012, we as a sponsorship team have put over $500k in goods and supplies back into schools in Chilliwack to Boston Bar. With these funds supporting everything from School Supplies, Winter Boots, Winter Coats, Tablets, Laptops partnered with Chilliwack Canadian Tire and we could not achieve these goals without the support of General Manager John Boris and his team.

With the success of our 2013 "Project Warmth" program, we connected with the Chilliwack School District to see if there were any other needs that were being left underfunded and learned the need for school supplies was extremely high. Upon further investigation, we found the need was as high as to funding the expansion of the school districts agriculture program to primary students.

In 2022 we have combined the boots and coats programs and are working with Bowls of Hope Society within the community.

As needs change so does our sponsorship year to year. We look forward to new sponsorship partners to ensure each child in our community have what they need throughout the school year.

For more information, please contact us at 604-792-2724.

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