Murray Advanced Oil Protection

Murray Advanced Oil Protection protects engine components and fortifies all brands of engine oil.
The Murray Advanced Oil Protection keeps piston rings from sticking, stabilizes oil viscosity, prevents increased exhaust emissions, reduces wear, prevents sludge and varnish, and is resistant to evaporative oil loss.

  • Improves fuel economy
  • Prevents increased harmful emissions
  • Maintains engine performance
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Provides superior engine protection
  • Prevents wear


  • 24-Hour Emergency Roadside
  • 24-Hour Towing
  • 24-Hour Jump Start
  • 24-Hour Flat Tire Change
  • 24-Hour Lock-out service
  • 24-Hour Fuel / Fluid Delivery
  • Trip Routing Service
  • Emergency Travel Expense
  • Discount Travel Benefit
  • Theft, Hit & Run Protection
*Ask us for details. When out on the road, you’ll know that you are covered and protected by an organization that cares about you and your family's safety. Our customer service representatives respond quickly to provide you with the best service and protection available anywhere. Our Roadside Assistance Program takes pride in ensuring your loved ones are safe. This plan is not limited by vehicle age or mileage.
This twelve month Roadside Assistance is available in the U.S., and Canada. This program is limited to five events over a period of twelve months.